Google-Friendly Ways to Make Guest Blogging Work for You in 2020

Search for Guest Blogging Opportunities

Now that you know why you want to become a guest blogger, let’s focus on finding guest blogging opportunities. A good place to start is with your own niche or industry since you’ll likely know more about what you normally do for a living.

Explore Your Target Blogs before Guest posting

Before you start cranking out awesome guest-posts, take a moment to explore your target blogs. Look at things like the type of blog content already posted. Are the posts similar to what normally interests your audience or you?

  • Posts regularly shared on social media
  • Follow-up posts that appear to be in response to significant comments/feedback

Prepare Guest Content Likely to Fit in with Each Blog’s Style

Yes, you’ll need to make a convincing pitch first. Let’s, for the sake of staying on topic with this particular post, assume you’ve already done that and you’re in (congrats).

  • Nature of the audience — general consumers, b2b consumers, industry insiders, etc.
  • How content is presented — lengthy, in-depth posts, short-and-sweet posts, primarily lists, detailed tutorials or how-tos, etc.

Forget Keywords and Think about Searcher Intent



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